About Gaia Olives

Gaia Olives is a family business located in New Olynthos, Chalkidiki. Our business scope is to process and standardize edible green Chalkidiki olives and olive oil, while being equipped with updated machinery. Gaia Olives has long years of experience. This allow us to be innovative in the field of olive process, in such methods which ensure high quality and special traits to our products.

Vision – Targets

Our vision includes our product reaching the highest standards within the global market in a way which will prove the highest level of quality and nourishing value of Hellenic products and will promote our country’s role as a very important member of the international communing for Chalkidiki olives and olive oil products.

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What we offer


Our company has the largest stake in Halkidiki green olive and smaller in olives from Kalamata.

Olive Oil

We offer extra virgin olive oil, only green olive oil from cold-pressed olives, from two-phase oil mills in the area. read more HERE