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Gaia Olives

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Gaia Olives

Gaia Olives uses proprietary facilities, which are the factory and the offices of the company. Also, uses specially designed, modern machinery facilities, which meet the standards for food safety.

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Products with
ISO Certification
Protected Designation 
of Origin

Certified Products with;

  • ISO
  • Protected Designation of Origin
Iso Certification Gaia Olives

Olive tour


Olives and leaves Vector Gaia Olives


Green or black, whole or sliced, enjoy them in salads, sauces, pasta and meat

Oil bottle Gaia Olives

Olive Oil

Extra Virgin olive oil or green olive oil can be enjoyed with herbs on toasted bread and salads

Bowl with green olive paste

Green Olive Paste

Olive paste is a tasty and easy-to-make ointment that you can taste in sandwiches, on toasted bread, fish or poultry

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