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The pitted olives

have a golden-green color. Compact and crisp flesh. Slightly acidic and salty taste. They combined with all foods or as an appetizer, while they are a delicious snack. They are rich in monounsaturated fats which are beneficial to health. The only thing missing them? The pit. We’ve removed it for you.

Ελιές Χαλκιδικής εκπυρηνωμένες της Gaia Olives

Nutritional value:

Nutrition Declaration Per 100g
Energy 657kj / 157kcal
Fat 16g
of which Saturates 2,6g
Carbohydrate 1,3g
of which Sugars 0,1g
Fibre 2,1g
Protein 1,1g
Salt 2,7g
Green Olive Vector