Chalkidiki Olives with natural fermentation

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Unique Quality

Ελιές Χαλκιδικής φυσικές Gaia Olives
Πράσινες ελιές Χαλκιδικής Gaia Olives

Natural or blonde olives

They are made with traditional way of processing, which for centuries guarantees the high nutritional value of the product. The non-bitter procedure of the olives is not based on the use of caustic soda but on the natural extraction of part of eleuropein from the flesh of the olive, in the brine. This traditional way of processing comes from traditional recipes, without artificial additives and preservatives.
The green Chalkidiki olives with natural fermentation are packed in a brine solution with sea salt, vinegar and water and packed in glass jars, metal containers and plastic barrels.

Try a new product, natural Chalkidiki olives in extra virgin olive oil.

Nutritional Value:

Nutrition Declaration Per 100g
Energy 802kj / 192kcal
Fat 18g
of which Saturates 3,4g
Carbohydrate 5,9g
of which Sugars 4,6g
Fibre 2,5g
Protein 0,5g
Salt 4,2g
Green Olive Vector