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Green olives of Chalkidiki are among the top and most recognized products in the world and one of the best olive varieties for filling. The flesh-to-core ratio they offer, as well as their crisp texture, allow them to be filled with different materials of different texture and taste, soft to harder, sweet, spicy and even salty. They can be filled with varieties of cheese, such as blue cheese or feta. With almond, red flesh-sweet pepper, and spicy ingredients such as garlic, peppers, chalepene and bird eyes chili, which maximize the taste to the hot-lovers. So, the stuffed olives of Chalkidiki can be an excellent accompaniment to any dish, suitable for the drink, or to make themselves a great appetizer for all hours of the day.

*We fill our olives with handmade way, only with natural materials and not with processed pastes.